Our facility, the former Kraft food production plant in Cobourg, Ontario, approximately an hour’s drive from Toronto, has the potential to host over 3,800,000 sq. ft. of cultivation and processing area. Through this, FSD Pharma intends to target all legal aspects of the cannabis industry, including cultivation, processing, manufacturing, extracts and research and development.

Optimal Environment

Indoor hydroponic production facility = Highest quality controlled environment for large-scale pharmaceutical grade cannabis production


620,000 sq. ft. of existing building space and sits on a 70-acre parcel of land, 30 acres currently utilized and 40 acres available for development

HUGE Growth

Planned staged-phased development of which once complete is expected to have 3,800,000 sq. ft. of cultivation and related ancillary businesses

In-House Operations

All operations under one roof which allows for economies of scale and operational efficiency


Located 1 hour east of Toronto off the 401 highway and has access by car or rail to Ottawa and Montreal

Fully Equipped

The facility has an electrical sub-station on site, natural gas lines, multiple water-intakes, rail lines directly into the facility and 26 loading docks


FSD Pharma Inc. currently owns 25% of Canarra Biotech, which plans to be the largest indoor cultivation facility in Quebec and recently purchased a modern 625,000 sq. ft. facility on 27 acres of land, located less than one hour drive from Montreal. FSD Pharma and Cannara have a further agreement in place where FV Pharma will lease over 105,000 square feet of Cannara’s facility for the purpose of cultivating and/or selling cannabis and cannabis-derived products. At this time, FSD Pharma and Cannara Biotech have a combined floor space of over 1.245 million square feet of indoor growing capacity.


FSD Pharma Inc. is pleased to announce a binding agreement to purchase 51% of Atlantic Island Cannabis Inc. (to be renamed FSD Atlantic Pharma Inc.) effective July 4, 2018. Atlantic Island Cannabis Inc. (“ATLC”) was formed to build a solid platform for locally driven economic opportunities and sustained progress in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador. ATLC has been working with the province for the supply agreement and retail licenses. As an organization, ATLC believes in building strategic partnerships and focused investments to create jobs and local employment avenues.