John Tokarsky

Mr. Tokarsky is currently the Corporate Secretary and Controller of the company and provides these services through Tokarsky Corporate Services Limited, a company which has been associated with Mr. Tokarsky since 1984. Tokarsky Corporate Services Limited has provided accounting, bookkeeping and corporate secretarial services to junior reporting issuers in Canada since 1971, most of them being involved in the exploration of minerals, oil and gas and industrial companies in various sectors. Mr. Tokarsky is a college graduate, has accounting training and holds CSC and CPH certifications from the Canadian Securities Institute.

Mr. Tokarsky has more than 34 years of experience in the industry having assisted approximately 100 junior public companies with their corporate secretarial requirements, accounting issues, public listing issues, securities act and continuous disclosure obligations. He has a strong practical and current working knowledge of securities and corporate laws, regulations, practices and policies. He upholds regulatory and compliance best practices and has a proven track record in dealing with stock exchanges, securities commissions and other regulatory bodies.

Mr. Tokarsky has acted as a director and/or senior officer of a number of his clients as need be. Most notably he is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Bird River Resources Inc. since October 2017. He also acted as Controller, Corporate Secretary and Treasurer of Augustine Ventures Inc. from November 2010 to October 2014 including acting as its Chief Financial Officer for a period during that time.