Strategic Alliances


Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.

Joint Venture
Toronto, Ontario

We strategically joint ventured with Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. (TSX: V.XLY) (formally Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp.), the world’s first cannabis streaming company. We partnered in an ongoing effort to build a world-class team successfully execute our business plan to build the world’s largest indoor growing operation. Our joint-venture with Wheaton allows us to mitigate risks and deploy capital responsibly by drawing on the rich knowhow of the highly experienced team at Wheaton and management team of FSD Pharma Inc.

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Cannara Biotech

Strategic Investment
Montreal, QC

FSD Pharma Inc. currently owns 85,003,750 shares of Canarra Biotech, which plans to be the largest indoor cultivation facility in Quebec and recently purchased a modern 625,000 sq. ft. facility on 27 acres of land, located less than one hour drive from Montreal. FSD Pharma and Cannara have a further agreement in place where FV Pharma will lease over 105,000 square feet of Cannara’s facility for the purpose of cultivating and/or selling cannabis and cannabis-derived products. At this time, FSD Pharma and Cannara Biotech have a combined floor space of over 1.245 million square feet of indoor growing capacity.

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SciCann Therapeutics

Strategic Investment
Tel Aviv, Israel

FSD Pharma Inc. shall receive premium access to the cannabinoid scientific research platform developed by SciCann in Israel, which includes a network of leading researchers, academic institutions and medical centers. This platform will enable FSD Pharma to execute a series of rigorous clinical studies for cannabis-based products in a highly time and cost-efficient environment, to fulfil its stated goal of becoming the global leader in the new emerging field of clinically proven cannabinoid-based therapies.

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Atlantic Pharma

Strategic Partnership

FSD Pharma Inc. is pleased to announce a binding agreement to purchase 51% of Atlantic Island Cannabis Inc. (to be renamed FSD Atlantic Pharma Inc.) effective July 4, 2018. Atlantic Island Cannabis Inc. (``ALTC``) was formed to build a solid platform for locally driven economic opportunities and sustained progress in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador. ALTC has been working with the province for the supply agreement and retail licenses. As an organization, ALTC believes in building strategic partnerships and focused investments to create jobs and local employment avenues.


High Tide Ventures

Strategic Investment
Alberta + Saskatchewan

A fully integrated retail distribution company that has applied for 31 retail cannabis permits in Alberta and 16 in Saskatchewan, with application expected to be submitted for British Columbia shortly. The company owns four of Canada’s most prominent retail brands that are poised to take advantage of the legal recreational market in Canada which is anticipated to be enacted into law in fall of 2018.

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CannTab Therapeutics

Collaboration and Profit Sharing Agreement
Markham, Canada

Canntab Therapeutics was founded on April 20, 2016 by pharmaceutical industry professionals who saw an urgent need to add industry rigour and professionalism to the medicinal cannabis market. We are the first company solely dedicated to the research and development of oral dosage therapeutic formulations of cannabis. We started by developing unique, patent pending technology which has resulted in the creation of a range of oral dosage products that effectively treat different ailments by delivering a uniform dosage of medicinal cannabis extract. Each is available in different dosage levels, available in instant and stable extended release.

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First Republic Capital

Strategic Alliance
Toronto, Canada

First Republic Capital focuses on public Canadian and US micro-cap companies. Clients receive more than just financing – they get a dedicated investment banking partner with the responsiveness, credibility and capability to help them achieve their market goals. First Capital partners with their clients and supports them over time as their business and capital structure evolves and provides aftermarket support.

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