About Us

FSD Pharma Growth Strategy

  • Pursue further acquisition targets or potential investments that are unique and align with our mission of Total Brain Health
  • Begin the process of advancing clinical trials for its compound Lucid-MS, for the novel treatment of progressive MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Begin the process of advancing clinical trials for the treatment of depression, anxiety and psychiatric disorders through its psychedelic molecule Lucid-Psych
  • Assess the best path forward for the advancement of FSD-PEA
  • Complete the sale of our Cobourg property to increase cash in a non-dilutive method

Lucid Acquisition

  • FSD Pharma acquired Lucid in September 2021
  • Two unique pre-clinical lead drug candidates aimed to treat neurodegenerative diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders
    • LUCID-MS – target treatment: Multiple Sclerosis
    • LUCID-Psych – target treatment: depression & anxiety
  • New Chemical Entities (NCEs) with patents licensed from UHN (largest healthcare research organization in NA) and uniquely paired with psychedelics formulations to improve patient outcomes
  • Large addressable markets: $23B¹ multiple sclerosis market and growing multibillion-dollar mental health market

FSD-201: Ultra Micro-PEA Compound

  • Proprietary ultra micro-PEA formulation enhances the anti-inflammatory properties of PEA, a fatty acid amide currently used as a dietary supplement, by increasing its bioavailability and efficacy- making it suitable to treat a range of inflammatory conditions
  • Holds exclusive worldwide licensing rights (except Italy & Spain) to ultra micro-PEA for all conditions in all regulatory categories
  • Strong IP portfolio covering ultra-micronized composition of matter and use (2029-34 U.S. expiration)
    • Lead candidate (FSD-PEA – 600mg ultra micro-PEA)
    • Successfully completed Phase 1 first-in-human safety and tolerability trial. No serious adverse effects discovered
    • Toxicology trials have been completed and the results are being compiled
  • Potential Target indications for Phase 2 trials currently being analyzed

Growing Market Opportunity in Psychedelics

  • Growing body of research that suggests Psychedelics have the potential to treat a variety of neuropsychiatric disorders such as PTSD, depression, specifically complex TRD and MDD, and anxiety

FDA approval of Johnson & Johnson’s SPRAVATO (esketamine) for treatment-resistant depression

Meaningful MAPS Ph2 clinical data on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD treatment

Expanding pipeline of psychedelic-based therapies

  • $225B annual spend for mental health in the U.S.

Comparable Companies

as of October 4th, 2021