Our Science

FSD Pharma is taking a unique approach to deliver “Total Brain Health” to patients in need. Our mission is to treat the millions of people suffering from diseases by bringing innovative therapies to market. Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Lucid Psycheceuticals, we have the exclusive worldwide rights to patented CNS compounds with the potential to treat progressive Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”). Additionally, FSD is developing a unique psychedelic-based therapeutic aimed to address a multibillion-dollar mental health market.

FSD Pharma has a pipeline of the following 3 drug candidates:

1.Lucid-Psych (Psychedelic or psycho-active)

Lucid-PSYCH is a psycho-active molecule. Has shown excellent results for depression in pre-clinical models. Manufacturing has been secured with Covar. Currently undergoing IND-enabling studies

2.Lucid-MS (patented New Chemical Entity (NCE))

Lucid-MS is Neuroprotective compound which, in pre-clinical models, has shown to prevent and reverse Myelin degradation, which is a cause for Multiple Sclerosis as well as other Neuro-degenerative disorders. Has shown excellent results in several animal models

3.FSD-PEA (Formerly known as FSD-201 )

FSD-PEA is an anti-inflammatory compound. FDA approved phase 1 trials have been completed with topline results. Toxicology studies have been complete. FSD will announce soon the chosen Indication for phase 2 trials

FSD Pharma is currently assessing next steps for FSD-PEA, an ultra micro-PEA compound with anti-inflammatory properties shown to be safe following positive Phase 1 clinical results. FSD-PEA has the potential to address a range of inflammatory conditions. FSD Pharma is currently analyzing what is the best indication to go for a Phase 2 trial.