Lucid Psycheceuticals ACQUIRED Helping to restore our way of life through NOVEL THERAPIES helping to restore in a novel way TOTAL BRAIN HEALTH helping to restore in a novel way TOTAL BRAIN HEALTH

Company Overview

FSD Pharma is a life sciences holding company focused on truly innovative therapeutics and legal psychedelics

  • Acquired Lucid Psycheceuticals

Lucid has the worldwide exclusive rights to a patented family of molecules from the University Health Network (UHN)

Two lead candidates leverage the power of psychedelics to improve patient outcomes and address large populations ($23B multiple sclerosis market and $238B mental health market)

  • FSD-PEA, a proprietary ultra micro-PEA compound, has shown effective anti-inflammatory properties and a favorable safety profile proving potential viability for a range of medical conditions. This molecule reacts with the CB2 receptor of the endo cannabinoid system of the body
  • Well-capitalized to pursue acquisitions that advance our mission to deliver today’s most innovative treatments for Total Brain Health


  • Today there is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). FSD Pharma will attempt to change that for millions of suffering people. FSD’s proprietary compound Lucid-MS has shown promising results to reverse progressive MS, in several animal models
  • Strategically advancing drug candidate pipelines focused on novel and unique therapies for neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders.
  • Well-capitalized to pursue acquisitions that present compelling opportunities across the psychedelics and innovative biotech space focused on Total Brain Health
  • Unique CAP structure with over 150,000 shareholders as of July 29, 2021
  • Balance sheet is free of debt and has over US $43.2M in cash as of June 30, 2021

Mission Statement

“Total Brain Health”

FSD Pharma is focused on the truly unique and innovative biotech space and psychedelics to bring advanced neurodegenerative and mental health treatments to market